1) "Gramsoft Software" is specially develop for "Grampanchayat".

2) Maintaining Accounting and Cash-Book as well as Bank-Book.

3) Keep Maintanance of all Assessment Records and all Namuna's (24 Namuna).

4) Generate Tax Register(Including Area wise).

5) Automatically Bill Generate.

6) Show Current, Previous and Remaining bill Amount.

7) Providing security and giving authority to each user for distribute their work.

8) Generate Bill, Notice.

9) Automatically Calculated Cashbook.

10) Generated Salary Register.

11) Print all Certificates. Including(Date of Birth, Date of Death, NOC, Agenda etc..)

Gramsoft Includes


    1) Only authorised user can operate the Gramsoft Software
    2) Different users have different authority to operate the Software.
    3) One can trace users work on Gramsoft Software.

Effect Of Entries

Namuna 5

    1) Daily Cash-Book -: It includes daily cash or Cheque Transactions and related details. It shows the Cash and Bank's opening and Closing Balance.

    2) We get the effect of Namuna 10 and Namuna 7.

Namuna 6

    1) Main Cash-Book -: It includes monthly transactions of "Gram Panchayat". It shows the monthly Received and Total Paid Amount.

Namuna 7

    1) Receipt of other Taxes.

Namuna 8

    1) Keep maintain all Home Registration records.

    2) Maintain Multi Properties registration records of a Single Owner .

    3) House Tax, Light Tax, Water Tax(general and Special), and Cleaning Tax are automatically calculated on the Area of Home and type of Home like(beyond 70 years old, Load bearing, RCC...etc).

    4) Generate "Gharacha Utara".

    - Gharacha Utara -

Namuna 9

    1) Transactions.

    2) Yearly Record of Tax bill and collection of Tax for individual Owner.

    3) Generation of all Bills and street wise also.

    4) Record of paid tax, due Tax and Balance Tax.

    5) Show Previous, Current, and Remaining Bill Amount.

    6) Print Bills, Notice, and Records etc..

Namuna 10

    1) Bill Paid Entry.

    2) Show total bill amount of all properties of a single owner.

    3) Easy to find out bill amount of a particular property.

    4) Show Current, Previous, and Paid Bill Amount.

Namuna 11

    1) It includes Transaction of other Taxes and donation.

    2) It Shows the effect of Namuna 7.

Namuna 24

    1) Salary Register generated

    2) Automatically calculated basic, total allowances and deductions in salary

Namuna 24

    1) Birth Certificate.

    2) Death Certificate.

    3) NOC.

    4) Residential Certificate.

    5) Business Certificate.

    6) Home Complition Certificate etc...